Metalcam Group has always aimed   to reach the highest standards as far as safety, health and environment are concerned.

Environmental  rules and regulations, both national and international are duly met by Metalcam through a certification process.
The continuous upkeep and development of plant equipment and its organizational structure ensure optimal working conditions in the respect of the environment.
Ever since 2006, well in advance  of its competitors,  Metalcam has held  the “AIA” (an internationally recognized certificate) according to the legislative decree n 59, of the 18th February 2005, implementing the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) EU directive.
The implementation of this directive, constantly monitored by licensed authorities, allows Metalcam to work with the lowest environmental impact . 
In accordance with the 2003/87 EU directive (on Emission Trading), Metalcam has arranged for a licensed managerial system for the control and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions .

Health and Safety
The number of days lost due to work-related injuries has halved during 2004-2008, in spite of an  increase in the workforce.
Even the ratio between lost days and working days has dramatically decreased from 0.16% down to 0.07%.

Metalcam’s constant engagement in Health and Safety is ensured by:

  • 2 monthly audits for each department
  • 4 yearly medical check-ups for each operator
  • weekly HSE meetings
  • an fully operating internal medical centre 
  • use of certified PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • specific internal procedures
  • certified equipment and tools
  • first Aid training and fire drills
  • monthly controls on  pollution emissions

ISO 14000 certification is underway.