The thorough care provided by our engineering experts is Metalcam’s distinctive mark and it is founded on four main  factors:

  • the thorough knowledge of the metallurgic field;
  • the experience of hundreds of years in the steel forging industry;
  • the high production flexibility;
  • the careful skill of incorporating each specific project’s needs.

Metalcam’s product range is based on each client’s specific production needs. Thanks to its flexibility and promptness, Metalcam Group is not regarded by our clients just as a simple supplier, but as an integrated partner in their production activity.
Furthermore, Metalcam offers its clients the best metallurgic expertise able to provide alternative and groundbreaking solutions which in turn allow the production of the best products as well as reducing production costs.

The Group is constantly engaged in improving its quality standards and manufacturing cycles with the objective of improving responses to each specific need. Thanks to custom-built planning and a careful control of each single production step, Metalcam is able to offer the best value for money.

Specifically, Metalcam’s engineers plan out each manufacturing cycle so as to ensure:

  • the ingot of the right shape, weight, size and chemical analysis is used to guarantee the best quality features of each specific product;
  • the right forging parameters are used in order to obtain the highest degree of deformation to the core of the forging;
  • dedicated heat treatment cycles with the aim of obtaining the best mechanical properties ;
  • machining processes able to satisfy clients’ requirements.