Packaging and Shipping

Metalcam regularly handles packaging and shipping according to customers’ requirements,by arranging for suitable packaging in order to ensure the integrity of the forging during transport as well as maintaining the highest security standards.

Metalcam meets the “Incoterms 2000” requirements, the official CCI regulations for the understanding of international business rules which set each Party’s duties when importing and exporting.

Metalcam meets the international logistics needs of different customers based in:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • The Far East
  • Africa
  • Australia

Pallets and wooden boxes
(also custom built)

Polyester, aluminium,and polyethylene material, in accordance with DIN 55531-1 and military standards of German, American, English and French rules and regulations. Branobarrier is oil, water and steam resistant, it has an extremely high mechanical resistance, elasticity and flexibility. It is scratch and tear resistant, It can be thermo welded  on the internal black coloured side. Its neutral material makes it suitable for packaging of finished steel products.
Composition and thickness: PET 12 micron, ALU 9 micron, HDPE 90 micron.
Upon sealing the packaging, the air is sucked out and special dehydrating bags are inserted to eliminate humidity and avoid condensation. The humidity level on the inside can be measured by special gauges.