The Metalcam Group has been specializing in the production of high quality, open die steel forgings for over 100 years, always satisfying its customers’ needs thanks to a structured and integrated end-to-end production cycle and facilities located on one single site.

  • Product and process engineering: Metalcam ensures that all technical & metallurgic support is given to its customers during material selection thus optimizing the production cycle.
  • Thanks to different chemical analyses and steel heats specially made to answer each customer’s specific technical needs, our steel mill allows us to obtain great flexibility by minimizing production costs without jeopardizing the quality and technical aspects of our products.
  • Steel ingots are then forged, heat treatedrough and/or final machined into a large selection of products for various markets’ applications: Oil & GasMechanicalEnergyShipbuildingHot work tool steels and so on.

Metalcam also numbers among its Group the following international company: Adamello Steel (sheet steels).
The Metalcam Group is renowned for:

  • the experience in the steel making industry gained in over 100 years of activity
  • the ability to produce all steel types, to answer specific needs and/or specially made heats
  • the technical and metallurgic support given to its customers
  • the quality and precision which can only be provided by dedicated internal machining workshops
  • the benefits gained by the customer thanks to an integrated production cycle
  • the wide range of products weighing from 100 Kg up to 35 tons


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