Accreditation is the declaration by an unbiased body (in Italy, the single accreditation body designated by the government is Accredia) of the competence, independence and impartiality of the mechanical tests laboratory.

The accreditation of the mechanical tests laboratory gives to certificates of conformity, to test reports issued on the market, a high level of reliability in terms of the quality and safety of verified goods and services and it ensures recognition in the international market place

Accreditation was spontaneously requested by Metalcam to obtain authoritative certification of its compe-tence and operational correctness.

The Accredia logo, placed on certificates issued by Metalcam – Mechanical testing laboratory division, con-stitutes the “mark of accreditation”. The Accredia mark is a tool and an opportunity to offer guarantees to partners in their business to business relations in national and international markets showing respect for the regulations of health and safety.