The complaints management process is an essential tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the quality management system aimed at continuous improvement.

A complaint communicates the dissatisfaction on the part of the customer, or his representative, related to the use of a provided service.

Metalcam handles complaints in accordance with the internal procedure for the QPM_ SGQ_008 – “Gestione NC_AC_AP”


The handling of complaints by Metalcam is linked to a series of conditions, necessary for the effectiveness and transparency of the process.

– The complaint subject must relate to behavior related to the test activities that fall under accreditation

– Anonymously sent complaints or with false references will not be accepted

– Truthfulness of the entered data will be checked before starting the complaint and comments handling procedure

– Metalcam undertakes to provide an initial reply to the complainant within 30 working days from receipt of the complaint

The complaint must be submitted by the complainant by completing the following form in all its parts:

    I accept the processing of data according to the information on privacy